Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is going to receive a slew of new features


Google Assistant, Wallet, and new apps will be included in the next Wear OS upgrade.

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During the Google I/O 2022 conference, Samsung said that some of Google’s planned changes will be coming to the Galaxy Watch 4.

The new Google Assistant allows for faster and more natural interactions, as well as new apps, Google Wallet, and an emergency contact option. Unfortunately, none of these features have a definite release date, but some will be available shortly.


Wear OS has received new features and apps

Let’s take a look at what we may expect from these Wear OS updates while we wait.

More natural conservations will be better understood by the new Google Assistant. You don’t have to be so stringent with the AI anymore, starting each command with “Hey Google” and then the command description.

With your consent, the intelligent assistant should be able to understand when you speak directly to it. The Next Hub Max will get this Google Assistant update first, with the Wear OS version following later.


All of the new music, sporting, and communication applications coming out this year are in the same boat. This year, Spotify, Adidas Running, LINE, KakaoTalk, SoundCloud, and Deezer will be available. Spotify, in particular, will offer remarkable interactivity with Google Assistant, allowing you to change tracks simply by speaking.

In a blog post explaining the upgrades, Samsung also mentions that more Google apps and services will be optimised for Wear OS, but doesn’t specify which ones or when.

Then there’s the newly redesigned Google Wallet, which is no longer a footnote. Payment cards will be supported first in the new app. Wallet will eventually be able to save hotel keys, office credentials, and perhaps driver’s licences on the operating system.


Finally, the Galaxy Watch 4 will include Emergency SOS, which will allow you to contact a friend, family member, or even emergency services directly from your wrist. Something similar already exists in the form of Early Earthquake Warnings, which will be implemented globally but only in earthquake-prone areas.

Analysis: Bringing the old back

The revival of outdated and/or neglected apps and platforms was a common theme at I/O 2022. Google Wallet has returned, and Assistant has been revitalised. Wear OS was not forgotten, but it went for long periods of time without a significant upgrade, and the ones that did come were little.

Samsung might not be finished yet. The post ends with a reminder to everyone to remain tuned for future updates. It will be interesting to see what it and Google have planned.


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