You won’t be able to easily hide your mistakes with Twitter’s new edit button


There are no excuses for past errors.

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The new edit button for Twitter has been found online, providing us our first peek at the future feature’s functionality and, more significantly, how it retains original tweets before any adjustments are made.

Twitter’s still-in-development edit button, shared online by researcher Jane Manchun Wong, makes it clear when a tweet has been modified, as a new clickable icon will appear beside the time and date for the tweet, indicating whether it has been “Edited” or that “There’s a new version of the Tweet.”


Aside from the new icon that shows that a tweet has been edited, it looks that Twitter’s edit button will allow users to update everything of a tweet’s content, including the text and any associated material. However, in its current state of development, the feature is far from ideal.

Twitter’s current version of the edit button, as Wong pointed out in later tweets, chooses to reupload any connected media rather than reusing it from the original tweet, which is a wasteful use of bandwidth. Editing a tweet might sometimes result in the video in the original tweet being turned into a static image, which isn’t ideal.

Analysis: There’s a chance it’ll do more harm than good

Twitter’s in-development edit button is slowly becoming less and less useful to the majority of users on the platform as changed tweets are preserved for all to see. Twitter’s new edit button has evolved into a tool for keeping people honest and correct. It was originally envisioned as a method to fix minor problems in tweets, such as spelling or grammar faults, without having to delete and rewrite a tweet.


While editing previous tweets in light of new information will undoubtedly be an important tool in Twitter’s future, particularly once Elon Musk, the self-proclaimed king of free speech, takes over the company, the feature currently appears to be plagued by issues and primed for exploitation by those looking to profit from a popular tweet.

Thankfully, prominent tags indicating whether or not a tweet has been edited should help keep people honest while using the feature; however, it’s unclear how many users will click through to previous versions of tweets once the feature is officially launched.

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