You can now play Fortnite on your iPhone for free thanks to Microsoft


Everyone can play Fortnite for free.

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After years without one of the world’s most popular games, iOS and iPadOS users can now play Fortnite due to Microsoft and Epic Games bringing the game to Xbox Cloud Gaming and allowing anybody to play it without an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Fortnite may now be played on any iOS, iPadOS, Android phone or tablet, or Windows PC with internet connectivity via a web browser, as part of Microsoft’s “aim to offer the fun and community of gaming to players wherever they are.” You don’t need to download or install anything if you already have a Microsoft Account, which is a ridiculously low barrier to admission.


While all of this sounds great, the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is currently in development, so it’s only available in 26 countries right now. If you desire flawless gameplay with no lag or excessive compression in Fortnite’s graphics, you’ll also need a fast internet connection.

Thankfully for mobile gaming fans who aren’t fans of Fortnite, Microsoft stated in the Xbox Wire post announcing Fornite’s glorious return to iOS devices that they plan to bring more free-to-play games to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service in the future. However, there’s no word on which other free-to-play games will be available at this time.

Analysis: At long last, freedom

Fortnite hasn’t been available on iOS devices since August 2020, thanks to a legal tussle between Epic Games and Apple. There have been a few methods that have allowed iOS gamers to get their Fornite dose.


Nvidia’s GeForce Presently just enabled iOS gamers to play Fortnite over the Safari browser, similar to what Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming now allows. Free GeForce Now accounts, on the other hand, could only play for one hour at a time on a rather primitive virtual machine.

While this has allowed iOS and iPadOS users to play Fortnite in moderation, it’s far from ideal, as the playtime restrictions, as well as the service’s waitlist, push players towards the paid GeForce Now tiers, which Microsoft is thankfully not doing for the time being because Fortnite is available to play without an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

We’ll have to wait and see if free-to-play games stay free on the cloud, and if Microsoft is truly committed to making gaming more accessible to people all around the world, with additional free-to-play titles planned for Xbox Cloud Gaming in the future.


Being a Jedi in Fortnite has once again spared me from Season 2.

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