With this free Meta Quest 2 tool, playing Steam VR games is now a breeze


Convert your Quest 2 into a fantastic PC VR headset.

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Thanks to an open-source tool, you can turn your Meta Quest 2 (previously Oculus Quest 2) into “an almost-native Steam VR headset” that should also boost your VR performance.

ItsKaitlyn03 produced this free-to-download programme late last year, and it’s available on GitHub (via UploadVR). This software developer is a member of the Oculus community who, a month ago, uncovered the Oculus code referencing the Air Bridge.


OculusKiller is their utility, and it essentially “kills” the Oculus Dash feature of the Oculus PC software and launches Steam VR automatically. If you primarily play PC VR games from Steam, such as Half-Life Alyx, OculusKiller will make it much easier to load them very quickly.

Furthermore, ItsKaitlyn03 discovered that uninstalling Oculus Dash saves roughly “200 MB of memory + GPU,” which it consumes even when not in use. This should suggest that after downloading Oculus Killer, your PC’s VR performance should improve slightly.

However, be aware that this tool is not without flaws.


To begin with, it’s a little too fantastic. You won’t be able to quit an Oculus game if you don’t have Oculus Dash installed. As a result, unless you’re ready to utilise another external tool like Revive, we’d recommend leaving OculusKiller alone if you spend your time jumping between Oculus and Steam VR games on PC.

Furthermore, this software may contain a few problems. Some issues may have been smoothed out by now, as it was released in December 2021, but be aware that it may not work 100% of the time.

Installing OculusKiller for Quest 2

This is how you download and install OculusKiller to boost your Quest 2 Steam VR performance.


OculusKiller is available on GitHub. ItsKaitlyn03, the inventor of this open-source programme, makes it available for free. You’ll also need the Oculus PC application installed.
Stop OVRService in Services using Task Manager. To open Task Manager on Windows, press CTRL + ALT + DEL at the same time. On the next page, you’ll notice a Task Manager option.

Go to the Services Tab by clicking the down arrow next to More details. Sort by name and scroll until you find OVR Service, then right-click and stop it.

  • Go to C:Program FilesOculusSupportoculus-dashdashbin in File Explorer; a simple method to accomplish this is to copy and paste that string into the Address Bar and then press Enter on your keyboard. The folder you’ve been directed to contains important files that allow the Oculus PC software to function properly, but we’ll need to move some of them around.
  • Open the OculusKiller folder, find ItsKaitlyn03’s replacement OculusDash.exe file, and store it in the same location as the now-renamed original.
  • Open Task Manager and restart the OVR Service. Find it again, but this time right-click it and select Start instead of Stop.

You can now put on your Quest 2 headset and jump right into fantastic SteamVR titles like Half-Life Alyx and No Man’s Sky.


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