With new NFT features, Meta puts Instagram users through hell


Digital collectibles, in my opinion, should be abandoned.

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NFTs are finally coming to Instagram this week, much to our chagrin, to “help creators make a living doing what they love,” according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. To make matters worse, the function is coming to Facebook “soon.”

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that are shared on Instagram, whether through the feed, stories, or messages, will be tagged with a new tag called “digital collectibles,” according to a Twitter video. Users who tap on the digital collectable tag will view information such as the current owner and creator of the item.


This capability is now only available to a small number of artists in the United States; however, Instagram plans to expand the tool with additional capabilities over time, so it won’t be long before our whole Instagram feeds are NFTs.

Following Mosseri’s statement, Mark Zuckerberg indicated in a Facebook post that, once NFTs have been thoroughly vetted and implemented throughout Instagram, Meta will bring comparable capabilities to Facebook, as well as its other Meta-owned apps, implying that NFTs may soon be extinct.

Why Instagram, why Instagram?

While some may argue that NFTs are a perfect fit and harmless for Instagram and its content, especially since the current implementation appears to only be adding metadata to images, the technology is far from harmless, as transacting an NFT requires a significant amount of energy due to its blockchain connection.


Aside from the inherent energy costs that make NFTs bad for everyone who isn’t promoting them, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have no reason to support this technology other than greed, because users could already claim ownership of an NFT in the text of a post and have the blockchain back them up.

Mosseri claims on Twitter that “there will be no fees connected with posting or sharing a digital collectable on [Instagram],” implying that the firm has nothing to gain by pushing this technology other than setting the framework for the future of digital collectibles.

While this is clearly what Meta desires, this hypothetical future should be kept at least a few years out of reach for the sake of everyone’s welfare, as the world does not need another resource drain right now.


Only when the blockchain can be engineered to run totally on renewable energy and be carbon-neutral, if not carbon-positive, will it be appropriate to accept NFTs as a potentially valuable technology.

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