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With iOS 16, the iPhone now has cellular iCloud backups and LTE


In iOS 15, 5G was already a choice, but LTE wasn’t.

image credits: researchsnipers

Similar to iOS 15, Apple has updated iOS 16 with a new feature that enables users to backup their devices to the cloud over both 5G and an LTE connection.

The new backup features for iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are described in the release notes of Apple’s second developer beta of iOS 16:


Users of iOS 16 can now backup their iPhone over an LTE cellular connection in addition to a 5G or WiFi connection. (95276719)

Customers who are using iOS 15 already have the choice to backup their devices over a cellular connection, but it is only compatible with 5G right now. It’s a welcome improvement that iOS 16’s new feature allows users to backup their devices even when 5G isn’t available and they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi.

The confirmation that you can no longer utilise your iPad as a Home hub is one of the other changes highlighted in this week’s round of beta testing. Along with the RoomPlan framework, which will enable developers to make apps that can be used to scan rooms in buildings, Apple has also introduced support for a new feature to counter email scams that displays the official emblem of some firms on their emails.


Later this year, iOS 16 will be available for all of Apple’s top iPhones, including the iPhone 13 and the upcoming iPhone 14.

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