What Is Wordle Answer And Hint For Today April 15 Friday?


The game ‘Wordle 300 X’ is currently trending on Twitter, and for good reason. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s in store for you:

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In other words, since a Wordle failure is always only six guesses away, you might profit from some advise.

I’ve played every Wordle thus far and only lost once. As a result, I’m well knowledgeable in Wordle strategy. I’ve come up with a few more ideas for you based on my examination of Wordle replies.


I’ll be updating this page with helpful instructions for each day’s Wordle puzzle. If you can’t proceed beyond the suggestions, I’ll even give you the answer if you’re truly stuck.

You have been informed that Game #300 contains spoilers. Continue reading to find out what Wordle’s solution is for today!

What’s the answer to Wordle today?

OK, OK, here it is.



It is…



Confidence in one’s own wrongdoings, flaws, or impropriety can lead to shame, an unpleasant emotional response. Is it true that no one showed up today? It’s not a major issue. There is always the possibility of a new day. There will be more answers, clues, and suggestions coming soon.

When it comes to Wordle puzzles like this one, a couple of letters can make all the difference. My efforts to solve it in 4/6 guesses were only successful because I used two throwaway responses. I’d never had to do anything like that before, but there were so few other possibilities that I couldn’t help myself.

I’m confident it has something to do with my selection of the best Wordle start words. When I used STARE (which I still believe is the best word, regardless of what the NYT’s fantastic new WordleBot tool thinks), a green S, A, and E emerged straight away.


In the second and fourth spots, though, there were literally hundreds of letters that could have been chosen.

After I finished the game, my Wordle Solver programme informed me that there were 36 answers that followed the pattern S A E. There were a total of 20 once the T and R were eliminated, including SHAVE, SLAKE, SNAKE, SLIDE, SCALE, SCAPE, and SPACE.

Because my streak was on the line, I had no choice but to quickly rule out several letters. Because the letters C, H, L, and D were frequently in my list of possible solutions, I chose CHILD as my second word.


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