The DJI Mini 3 Pro is a showcase of DJI’s top drone

The DJI Mini 3 Pro may have been one of the most leaked items in recent years, but thanks to our in-depth DJI Mini 3 Pro review, we can now answer the important unanswered concerns, including how excellent it is.

The Mini 3 Pro is the first premium drone in DJI’s Mini series, which began in 2019 with the DJI Mavic Mini and has long been a low-cost option for beginners.

The Mini 3 Pro is unique in that it incorporates high-end technologies such as obstacle avoidance sensors and 4K/60p video recording into a drone that weighs less than 250 grammes. This also means it will be substantially more expensive than its predecessors.

The Mini 3 Pro improves on the DJI Mini 2, which will continue to be sold. To begin, it has obstacle avoidance sensors that face forwards, backwards, and below the drone.