Samsung says no to built-in S Pen in Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and S Pen appear to have been made for each other. On the large, tablet-like display, big ideas and hefty papers can be sketched and marked.

Samsung clearly agrees, as evidenced by last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3’s S-Pen compatibility. To begin with, the S-Pen is an optional gadget

Adding an S-Pen slot to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is on a lot of people’s wish lists, and it seems like it should be a top priority. If Ice Universe is correct, it appears that their wishes will be denied.

According to the source, the Galaxy Z Fold4 does not include a S Pen. “Fold4” will be slimmed down in terms of size and thickness. This is correct. Nobody wants to play with bricks.