GPU prices may soon go below MSRP, causing a’surge’ of gamers to build PC

As more individuals build their own PCs in the second half of 2022, Corsair expects GPU supply to increase and pricing to return to MSRP, and perhaps we’ll see price tags drop below recommended cost with discounts.

Corsair’s CEO, Andy Paul, recently announced the company’s Q1 financial results, noting that the quarter saw “positive underlying growth trends” in gaming hardware

According to PC Gamer, in Q1 2022, GPUs were the most expensive single component in a gaming PC, costing around 150 percent more than MSRP

“We expect GPU cards to be back to MSRP in the near term, possibly discounted below MSRP,” Paul continued. We foresee a boom in self-built gaming PC activity in 2H22 and 2023