A customized cover with an eSIM allows the Huawei P50 Pro to connect to 5G

Huawei has been shut off from suppliers of 5G technology due to international politics, forcing the company to release its flagships as 4G-only smartphones.

A solution has been discovered: a case with a built-in 5G modem can be used to give phones next-generation connectivity. The case, of course, is not made by Huawei; it is built by Soyealink.

Only the Huawei P50 Pro is currently supported. However, if this solution proves to be successful enough, Huawei is likely to develop cases for other Huawei phones.

The enclosure includes an eSIM for use with the 5G modem (sub-6GHz, NSA+SA) and a basic dual-core 1.35GHz CPU for processing. Everything, including the eSIM configuration, is managed through the phone.