AMD is enhancing its DLSS rival, and these are the first PC games to get FSR 2.0

AMD has just released some new RDNA 2 graphics cards, and with them comes word of the release of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) version 2.0, as well as the titles that will be the first to support it.

In case you’ve forgotten, FSR is AMD’s version of Nvidia’s DLSS, albeit there are several major distinctions (more on that later), and it’s a frame-rate-boosting technology for compatible games.

Deathloop will be the first game to employ FSR 2.0, with support coming tomorrow (via a patch), and it’s no surprise given that the creative shooter was chosen as the feature’s showpiece.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, EVE Online, and Forspoken (when it comes out hopefully in October – this will also be the first game to use DirectStorage on the PC, so it will be a very fascinating one to watch) are among the games that will benefit from FSR 2.0.