Wallace and Gromit will have their own virtual reality game


Icons in slow motion Wallace and Gromit will star in a new video game adventure in which you may interact with the Yorkshire duo’s crazy contraptions in virtual reality.

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The Grand Getaway is a “interactive, narrative-led, single-player VR experience” in which you’ll accompany Wallace and Gromit on an excursion that’s gone tragically wrong, according to creative studio Aardman Animations.

After leaving for a beach vacation, the couple discovers that their latest invention, the Auto-Caddy, has gone haywire. To put things right again, you must walk around the immersive environment and interact with their numerous innovations.


Although Wallace and Gromit previously starred in the augmented reality smartphone game Big Fix Up, which was launched in 2020, this is the first time they have appeared in VR. In 2023, Meta Quest 2 – formerly known as Oculus Quest 2 – is expected to release the future title.

The Grand Getaway was created by Aardman Animations in collaboration with Atlas V, an AR and VR production business, and series creator Nick Park is said to have provided his backing to the initiative. Ben Whitehead, who took over as the official voice of Wallace after the character’s original voice actor, Peter Sallis, departed from the position in 2010, will also be featured.

“This will be real wish-fulfillment terrain for committed Wallace & Gromit fans,” says Aardman managing director Sean Clarke of the game.


After decades of watching the characters on screen, they will now have the chance to enter their world and play a part in the new plot as it unfolds.

“For those unfamiliar with the characters, it’s the best way to get to know them, as well as the humour and shenanigans that have made them so popular.”

Another Aardman game is on the way

Aardman Animations is also working on at least one more video game. The creative firm is now working on a “crazy, open-world” game based on an original IP, according to a series of job postings issued a few months ago.


Despite the fact that it won’t star Wallace and Gromit, the job ads stated it would have the same whimsical style and humour as the studio’s stop-motion features. The 3D action-adventure game also sounds ambitious, with the team intending to develop a cast of memorable characters set in an enthralling setting powered by a captivating story.

There’s no news on when that game will be released to the general public, but until then, The Grand Getaway might satisfy your craving for Aardman’s trademark wit and craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, Oculus Quest 2 continues its slow death march as Meta devotes its full attention to rebranding the VR headset, as well as its peripheral functions, with the Meta name and logo.


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