Users will be able to give channel memberships to other YouTube users


YouTube as a platform is always evolving. The Google-owned video streaming platform is now back with a gifting feature for Channel Membership. The function lets users to offer premium channel memberships to their friends and relatives. The feature is currently in beta testing.

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It’s only available to a select few individuals who have access to the YouTube app’s beta version. The option is available to users who access YouTube using their desktop browser window, according to YouTube administrators.

According to the idea, YouTube will provide the same capabilities to the smartphone app. Though the specific debut date has not been specified, the stable version is expected in the second half of 2022.


How does it function?

According to a Google support page, specific channel members can purchase membership in increments of 5, 10, or 20. Following that, YouTube will distribute memberships to additional live stream watchers. The benefits of membership will be available to all viewers who sign up for a month.

Custom emojis, loyalty badges, and other benefits are included in these memberships. All viewers who will obtain memberships as part of the offer are not required to pay any fees.

In addition, the creator will receive the regular money from each transaction. Additionally, by pressing ‘Allow Gifts,’ viewers must agree to the same.


This will allow users to view the announcement whenever the membership gifts are purchased. Finally, viewers will not be required to make any type of monetary transaction in order to obtain membership.

Interested individuals can fill out a Google form to express their want to receive the membership gifting option. The membership gifting function will be available to channels with more than 1000 subscribers who are over the age of 18.


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