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Universal Control is no longer in beta with macOS Monterey 12.4


The update also addresses user complaints about Studio Display.

image credits: macworld

Apple has begun distributing macOS Monterey version 12.4, the system’s fourth major update since its introduction in late 2021.

If you haven’t yet received the update or are interested in learning more about it, Apple has provided the release notes on its support page. You may now limit the number of podcasts on your Mac and have outdated episodes automatically deleted, a feature that has been seen elsewhere.


Firmware Update 15.5 for Apple’s Studio Display will increase webcam quality. A number of security patches and updates are also included for developers. Another change that Apple didn’t disclose in its notes was noted by the macOS subreddit: Universal Control is now available for purchase.

Enhancing characteristics

When you look at the Monterey update closely, you’ll notice that the Universal Control change isn’t mentioned in the official notes. For those unfamiliar, Monterey’s Universal Handle feature allows you to control numerous Macs and iPads with a single keyboard and mouse. Since the middle of March, the functionality has been in beta as Apple worked out the kinks.

The next update is to Studio Display, a 27-inch monitor with a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera that was announced earlier this year. The camera has been chastised for producing photographs of poor quality. The camera’s contrast, framing, and image noise are all improved in Update 15.5 to address the complaints. This upgrade, however, is not included in the Monterey 12.4 update.


At first glance, the Apple Podcasts tweak appears insignificant, but it is part of the company’s increasing interest in podcasting. The iOS 15.5 and iPad 15.5 versions were released with the same modification. Additionally, Apple is developing a new service to assist producers in managing and publishing their podcasts on third-party platforms.

Fixing security issues

Consumers have little to do with the developer changes. Universal Control is now compatible with macOS 12.3 and iOS 15.4, according to the release notes. Apple also fixed a problem with StoreKit 2 that developers were facing.

Over 50 updates to Monterey’s security settings are the more significant change. They all revolve around preventing malicious actors from acquiring access.


For instance, the Contacts app on Monterey now has improved checks to prevent plug-ins from accessing user data. Safari Private Browsing now offers better security against dangerous websites that track users.

While not as significant as prior upgrades, 12.4 appears to improve consumers’ general experience with macOS.


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