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This new vampire game is sweeping the internet


claiming its territory

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V Rising didn’t waste any time lamenting its lack of a mirror image, instead racking up a million sales in its first week of early access.

V Rising has been steadily clawing its way into Steam’s concurrent players list, according to the dev team at Stunlock Studios, which was previously responsible for the criminally neglected Battlerite. V Rising has surged into the top ten in its first week, surpassing titans like as GTA 5, Elden Ring, and even survival standard Rust, from which V Rising borrows certain design elements.


V Rising taps into Rust’s rich pool of base building and open PVP, but adds the chance to lounge with friends and hunt down bosses for interesting new skills in PVE games like viking-themed Valheim. You can also add a variety of gorgeous rugs and frightening wrought iron fences to your gothic castle. Also, create a vampire that looks more like a rejected Disney villain than a centuries-old apex predator of the night.

For an early access game, V Rising has a lot to offer, thus Stunlock’s success isn’t surprising. V Rising’s terrain is large, it has five complete sets of powers, and there’s enough of castle stuff to construct, even if I can never have enough V Rising leather. The vampire banquet table in V Rising’s monster mash has just the perfect blood type for future success, with new content and possibilities only prolonging it.

V Rising, more than any individual component, is seamless and enjoyable to play. Because abilities have such short cooldowns, I’m constantly trying to figure out the best sequence to use them in for each enemy and situation. I’m also looking forward to unlocking each new skill so I may become a completely different brand of fumbling vampire thanks to the seamless gameplay. I’ve never grown tired of shooting frost arrows, blinking about the battlefield, or transforming into a bat.


My character’s status as a sun-seeking vampire missile is a problem I’ll have to deal with on my own.

Do you want to know more about V Rising’s untimely demise? Are you stuck on the Whetstones? Here is where you can get assistance.


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