The Surface Duo has been designed to run Windows 11


Despite Microsoft’s repeated claims that the TPM 2.0 requirement in Windows 11 is a hard and fast rule, another engineer has gone around it yet again, this time installing Windows 11 onto a Surface Duo.

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Despite the fact that the Surface Duo is primarily an Android smartphone, serial tinker Gustave Monce demonstrated on Twitter that even that barrier will not prevent Windows 11 from being successfully jammed onto the tablet.

Monce admits that the project is “a little glitchy” but that it still works, allowing them to control the dual-screen gadget with a Bluetooth mouse, as they haven’t yet figured out how to get touch controls to work.


Because of Windows 11’s infamous TPM 2.0 requirement and the Surface Duo’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, this version of Windows 11 on the Surface Duo includes not one, but two warnings stating that the system requirements aren’t met, owing to the device’s dual screens.

Analysis: Just give us Windows 11 right now. Microsoft

As more devices and CPUs are revealed to run Windows 11 at least partially effectively, Microsoft is under increasing pressure to do more than just patch the vulnerabilities that allow unsupported hardware to run the OS.

The majority of people may not even have the hardware to operate Windows 11, let alone the desire to update, as official adoption of Windows 11 has recently slowed to a standstill.


With support for Windows 10 due to end in October 2025, Microsoft faces the prospect of losing a large portion of its user base who will be unable to upgrade. This would expose these users to security risks while they continue to use outdated but still functional software, thus Microsoft should be able to come to an agreement.

Even Microsoft is having trouble meeting the system requirements for Windows 11.
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