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The newest independent game to be released for Android by Netflix Games is Into the Breach


Netflix appears to be the best option for watching expensive mobile movies.

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A jewel of an independent hit, the well-liked turn-based strategy game Into the Breach may soon make the list of the top Android games. You must repel an alien invasion in this game set in the far future while also taking care to avoid accidentally destroying your towns as a result of the battle. The popular game is already accessible on PC, Switch, and Stadia, but thanks to Netflix Games, it is now making the correct transition to mobile. Into the Breach will only be available to Netflix users on Android and iOS, the firm revealed on Twitter. Starting on July 19, 2022, it will be accessible.

While it does include a “revisited and revamped” touch interface to make it simpler to use on tiny screens, the mobile edition of Into the Breach, according to creator Subset Games, will be “the exact same game” on mobile with the stuff you know from the earlier versions. The recently announced Advanced Edition upgrades that are free for other platforms will also be applied to it. Though, like every Netflix game, it requires an active streaming membership to play; it’s not like Subset Games is just throwing Into the Breach free, the game manages without commercials and in-app purchases.


The game has received accolades for its straightforward yet very strategic gameplay, which is complemented by its distinctive visuals and excellent music. It’s not the first original independent game to be available on Netflix, though. The business has already added a number of highly regarded games to its library, including Kentucky Route Zero by Cardboard Computer.

You may research the movie on other platforms if you’re interested but don’t want to wait until July 19 or pay Netflix a monthly fee. The price of Into the Breach is presently little over $10 on Steam, and if you want to play it right away on your phone, you can also get it on Stadia for $14.99. Make sure you understand how to install more Netflix games on your phone if you’re interested in them.


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