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The massive Windows 11 update is now finished, but the release date is still unknown


Could it be the month of October?

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Microsoft acknowledges that the first significant upgrade to Windows 11 (rumoured to be named Sun Valley 2) is now complete, but does not specify when it will be ready for download.

The business says in a community post that the’minimum acceptable build for Windows 11, version 22H2 certification is RTM build(i.e. 22621),’ which was issued for Windows Insiders(opens in new tab) on May 11.


Sun Valley 2 will be released on September 5th, 2022, according to another notice. ‘Windows 11, version 22H2 based systems may ship with drivers that have achieved compatibility with Windows 11, version 21H2 until September 5th, 2022,’ it says.

This means that PC manufacturers like Asus, Dell, and others have until September 5 to install 22H2 on new PC devices, which might mean a general release in October, coinciding with Windows 11’s one-year anniversary in October 2021.

Hopefully, this means that third-party widgets, File Explorer tabs, and other features will be available shortly with this important upgrade.


The one-year anniversary is being commemorated

Microsoft has made various announcements about what should be coming to Windows 11 in 2022, such as tabs in File Explorer and other features, but it has remained mum about when they will be available.

It’s a hazardous strategy, because customers may perceive it as a carrot on a stick, demonstrating what they can do with their PC but with no indication of when these enticing capabilities would be available.

This ‘anniversary upgrade’ might arrive in October with all of these enhancements, practically mimicking Apple’s yearly software release schedule. With WWDC less than a week away, where macOS 13 is scheduled to be unveiled, Windows 11 may be eclipsed by what’s to come for Mac’s operating system.


Regardless, now that Sun Valley 2 has been confirmed as complete, we can look forward to a Sun Valley 3 upgrade, or possibly Windows 12.

The Microsoft Store in Windows 11 is getting some much-needed improvements.


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