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The latest Microsoft 365 app is receiving a nice makeover


Create custom Microsoft Loop components.

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Loop, a real-time collaboration tool included to Microsoft’s productivity suite late last year, has received a big improvement.

Microsoft announced at its annual Build event that a system for creating custom Loop components based on Adaptive Cards, a framework used by developers to produce portable pieces of information, will be available soon.


End users will be recommended these bespoke components based on context, and they can be shared across apps like Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Loop by Microsoft

Microsoft Loop, which was announced at Ignite in November 2021, is made up of three main components: components, pages, and workspaces.

Loop components are live snippets of data that move freely across Microsoft 365 services in the form of lists, tables, notes, and so on. If a team member modifies a Loop component in Microsoft Teams, for example, that change will be reflected in all other apps where the Loop component is used.


Loop pages, on the other hand, serve as a versatile canvas for storing numerous components, files, connections, and data, whilst workspaces can be utilised to collect all important elements for a single project.

“For years, the established labour routines were obvious. When Loop was first unveiled, Microsoft noted, “Communication went done via email, and content creation was largely documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.”

“The world has changed in the previous 18 months, and we’ve had to adapt to a new working environment in which people have to supplement traditional communication technologies and in-person collaboration with alternative options.” But we must go even beyond. That’s why we’re redesigning Office, introducing new apps to respond to new opportunities, and transforming Office into a universal, dynamic canvas.”


Beyond the restricted number developed by Microsoft, the forthcoming upgrade will open the door to a variety of new Loop components. It will also enable businesses to create components that address very particular use cases that aren’t covered by more generic technologies.

The new system will be available in private beta next month, with a full rollout expected soon after.

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