The latest Google Docs update adds even more collaboration tools to your toolbox


Google Docs has been updated with a new set of features targeted at improving online collaboration.

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For its Google Docs platform, Google has unveiled a slew of new online collaboration options.

Users of the office programme will soon be able to add dropdown chips and table templates to their documents, making it easier to collaborate on projects, according to Google.


Users of Google Docs will be able to specify the status of their document or add project milestones using dropdown chips.

What are the new Google Docs tools and how do they work?

According to a Workspace update blog post announcing the news, Google Docs users will now have two default dropdown selections.

The first, Project Status, will contain options for projects that are “Not Started,” “Blocked,” “In Progress,” and “Complete.”


The second, Review Status, will provide options for projects that are “Not Started,” “In Progress,” “Under Review,” and “Approved.”

Users of the online word processor will also be able to customise a dropdown chip with personalised options and colours to meet their specific demands.

Google is also planning to introduce table templates to Docs, which would allow users to put “building blocks” representing common project procedures like “launch content tracker,” “project asset,” “review tracker,” and “product roadmap,” according to the company.


By selecting “Insert > Dropdown,” users will be able to insert a dropdown chip.

Users must choose “Insert > Table > Table templates” to insert a table template.

All Google end-users, including personal Google Accounts and Google Workspace clients, will have access to these functionalities by default.


When will the new Google Docs version be available?

The new dropdown chips will be released in stages starting on May 2, with 15 days for feature visibility.

The new table templates will be gradually brought out for quick release domains starting May 2 and for planned release domains starting May 9.

When it comes to Google Docs improvements, productivity-focused users have had a fantastic year.


Google has announced that Markdown will be supported in Google Docs.

Markdown is a lightweight language established by John Gruber to make adding formatting elements to a plaintext document easier.

Users of Google were able to produce rich text documents without needing to master keyboard shortcuts as a result of this release.


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