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The iOS 16 update aims to eliminate spam text messages


Let’s work together to eradicate spam SMS texts.

image credits: 9to5mac

We can all agree that spam text messages are annoying and should never again be sent, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone.

Apple, thankfully, intends to take action. The business has disclosed that it is introducing a new feature that would let users label an incoming text message as spam in the release notes for the second developer beta of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Users will be able to mark an SMS or MMS communication as garbage, as per the notes below.


Apple claims that the functionality would debut with a few American carriers, though no particular carriers were named.

enables developers to better organise incoming SMS by subdividing the Transaction and Promotion categories into 12 new subcategories.

Messages expands the “Report Garbage” feature to let users report SMS/MMS junk to certain US Carriers. Messages from Unknown Senders contains the option.


Currently, the majority of us would simply delete a spam text message if we received one. While some spammers are polite and ask you to reply with a message like “STOP” to stop receiving messages in the future, most do not (of course). Therefore, it will be nice to have this feature to hopefully alert carriers to block spammers in bulk.

The public beta of iOS 16 is anticipated to launch in July, while the developer beta is still available. This fall, it will be available to all users.


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