The infinite Tower of Sisyphus has been rebalanced by Returnal’s latest version


The leaderboards have been reset.

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In March, Sony shocked fans with the Returnal: Ascension upgrade. It was well-received when it added campaign co-op and an unending survival mode called the Tower of Sisyphus to the popular roguelike, and it’s now been tweaked with a fresh version.

Housemarque verified information of Returnal update 3.03 earlier this morning through Twitter, and the update has since gone live. Housemarque acknowledged that it has reset the leaderboards for this unending mode, putting everyone on an equal footing.


However, if you’re looking for a more in-depth look at what’s been changed, you won’t be able to discover it right now. Housemarque did not confirm the exact balancing changes implemented in this version in the complete patch notes. 3.03 has only been out for about three hours at the time of writing, so there hasn’t been much opportunity for extensive analysis.

The following is a complete list of bug fixes:

  • Tower of Sisyphus: Added Audio Log 94 to a new place in the tower Tower of Sisyphus: Added Audio Log 94 to a new location in the tower In the Tower of Sisyphus, there was a rare glitch when Algos would refuse to die or would die too soon: The scrolling speed of the leaderboard has been increased.
  • Co-Op: Fixed a few situations where a client or host might get a black screen or hang while switching biomes during co-op play. Co-Op: Fixed a few minor gameplay errors.
  • Co-Op: Two unusual crashes in co-op mode have been fixed.

We don’t know if there will be any more updates, but we do know what Housemarque’s next move will be. Managing Director Ilari Kuittinen stated at the DICE Awards in March that the team’s next game will be a totally new IP rather than a Returnal sequel “We’re just getting started on a new game, a new IP, and we’re still working out the details. We’ll see what happens next.”


Returnal: Ascension provided a reason for fans to return

Though we’d seen some significant post-launch updates – update 2.0 added both a save system and photo mode – Ascension arrived nearly a year after Returnal’s original launch, and though we’d seen some significant post-launch updates – update 2.0 added both a save system and photo mode – 3.0 became a literal game-changer for two reasons.

The Tower of Sisyphus was the first, a survival mode with increasing difficulty. After unlocking the Icarian Grapnel, you’ll be able to play this new infinite mode, which is divided into stages, each with 20 floors and a new boss, Algos. Unsurprisingly, the difficulty increases with each step, but there’s plenty of incentive to try again owing to leaderboards and point multipliers.

Second, two-player online co-op was added to the main campaign, allowing you to play with friends in private sessions or with random people in public. You can’t get too far away from your buddy, and if one of you is knocked out, your companion has a chance to save you. Fans got a wonderful incentive to play Returnal again because to these two features.


When Returnal initially came out last year, we had strong feelings about it and gave it 4.5 stars in our own review. We termed it a hybrid of third-person shooters and roguelikes “The ideal game for people who enjoy a challenge with a little something extra. It’s a risk game, with the unpredictability of the game defining the level of difficulty more than the adversaries themselves.”

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