The Google Pixel Watch could have an Exynos chipset that is obsolete


It has the same processor as the first-generation Galaxy Watch.

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The Google Pixel Watch could come with an Exynos CPU that is old. The smartwatch could use a Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset, which debuted four years ago, according to Android Police. This is the same processor that was used in Samsung’s first Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch.

There had been speculation that the smartwatch will use a Samsung processor. However, it has been claimed that Google may include the Exynos W920 processor found in the Galaxy Watch 4.


It’s possible that the Exynos 9110 was already chosen by the development team working on the smartwatch four years ago. It may have been too late to incorporate the improvements to the design of the smartwatch components by the time Samsung’s new processor was unveiled.

We could have seen an even lengthier launch delay if the team had chosen the most recent processor. The Exynos 9110 is a 10nm chipset with performance cores similar to those found in the less efficient 12nm Snapdragon 4100+. Samsung claims that new W920 chipset offers over 20% more performance and better graphics than its predecessor. This year, the Galaxy Watch 4 has become the company’s best-selling wearable.

Google is courting programmers

The entire aim of Google showcasing the Pixel Watch was to entice developers and corroborate previous leaks. The more buzz surrounding the device, the better. Seeing the device in person during the ceremony was the good message Google intended to send out to the globe. That the business produced something worth waiting for a little longer.


If the smartwatch ships with the older Exynos chipset, Google may have a backup plan. A Pixel Watch Pro or Plus with a newer chipset and longer battery life is possible. Looking back on the event, we didn’t learn much about the Watch.

The smartwatch was only shown in conjunction with the company’s recently announced features. It will also be released alongside the Pixel 7, which was also a teaser device. There were no details or features revealed. So, what we may have seen was a firm notifying us that their products are ready. However, the corporation may provide a version with improved internals when it ultimately releases later this year.


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