The Fantastic Four movie has a new director, according to reports


This meeting may pique the interest of Star Wars lovers.

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The Fantastic Four film from Marvel Studios is said to have found a new director, and Star Wars fans will be fascinated by the news.

According to an anonymous user on the NSFW website 4chan – yeah, this makes us quite sceptical of the report — the future Marvel film will be directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, who previously directed The Mandalorian.


Howard’s anticipated appointment has gotten a lot of attention on Reddit, with many Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Star Wars fans claiming that she’d be a perfect fit for Marvel Phase 4. We’re inclined to agree, given that Howard directed two excellent Mandalorian episodes and the strongest episode of The Book of Boba Fett.

Howard would also play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman in Marvel’s Fantastic Four film, according to the theory. Meanwhile, John Krasinski, whose performance as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2 wowed audiences, is reported to become the Fantastic Four’s leader in the MCU.

Howard’s likely return as the Fantastic Four’s new director follows Jon Watts’ departure from the movie two weeks ago. Watts, who directed the multibillion-dollar (and multiverse-centric) Spider-Man: No Way Home, reportedly wanted a vacation from the superhero genre after directing the MCU’s Spider-Man movie trilogy.


We’re taking this report with a grain of salt for now, even if Howard is poised to direct Marvel’s Fantastic Four film. Several prominent MCU leakers, including Charles Murphy and MyTimetoShineHello, have remained silent on the possibility of Howard taking over the Marvel film. However, according to MyTimetoShineHello, Krasinski has not yet agreed to play Reed Richards in a Fantastic Four film.

Given these insiders’ generally strong track records, we’re holding off on believing this claim until it’s confirmed by someone more trustworthy. Alternatively, Marvel Studios may make Howard’s hiring official. 4chan is the wild west of the internet, where anyone may create a speculative post with no proof to back it up. For the time being, believe this one at your own risk.

Will Marvel’s Fantastic Four be included in Phase 4 of the studio’s slate?

That is debatable. Marvel Studios announced the superhero film revival at Comic-Con in July 2019, with other upcoming MCU films such as Thor: Love and Thunder, The Marvels, and Blade.


Fantastic Four does not have a fixed release date, unlike Thor 4 and The Marvels (the latter being a sequel to Captain Marvel, WandaVision, and Ms Marvel). Given that it looks to be in early development, this is unsurprising.

Blade, meanwhile, has no official release date, but the Mahershala Ali-starring Marvel film is apparently planned to begin filming in summer 2022, according to Production Weekly magazine. Production Weekly is generally often accurate when it comes to filming start dates for movies and TV shows, so we should expect main photography on Blade to begin soon. Blade might hit theatres in late 2023 if that remains the case. Because Halloween falls on a Tuesday next year, we should expect Blade to be released on October 27, 2023.

But that’s another story. With no director or cast members in place for the Fantastic Four — rumour stated that Marvel was planning to cast the iconic quartet in January – its creation (and subsequent distribution)


The end of Marvel’s Phase 4 slate is also unknown. Over the next two to three years, the company plans to release five films (six if Blade is included), seven TV episodes, and two Disney Plus specials. Marvel has its hands busy, especially with the announcement of five more MCU Disney Plus series in November 2021.

The likelihood of seeing a Fantastic Four film before 2024 appears slim. If Marvel has a director, script, and cast in place, that may change – they just haven’t revealed them yet. However, we believe it will be some time before Reed Richards and his crew return to the big screen. We’ll be disappointed unless the picture begins production before the end of the year.


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