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The deadline for developers to delete their App Store accounts has been set by Apple


You are entitled to be forgotten.

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Apple has reminded developers that, by June 30, 2022, every app on its App Store will be required to have an account termination process that is “simple to find in your app” and does not cut any corners.

In a recent news post(opens in new tab), Apple clarified that developers won’t be able to get away with just presenting choices to temporarily disable or deactivate an account, because ‘users should be able to delete the account together with their personal data.’


Developers formerly had until January 31, 2022 to make the necessary changes to allow for account termination. This deadline has been moved back until the end of June to allow developers more time to implement and set up any “extra customer service routines to confirm and facilitate the account termination procedure.”

Apple went on to clarify in an accompanying support post(opens in new tab) that giving customers the choice to remove their account and any data linked with it offers them more control over the personal information they’ve provided. Due to legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation, this has become an increasingly widespread worry (GDPR).

Analysis: Going against the grain

Users having control over their personal data has become increasingly important in recent years, as Apple noted in its support post explaining this account deletion requirement, especially since many apps and developers have been doing their best to make the process of account deletion or unsubscribing as difficult as possible.


While it may not appear to be the most significant improvement, anyone who has attempted unsubscribing or cancelling accounts on some of the most popular apps, such as Amazon or Facebook, will appreciate the effort.

Unfortunately, programmes like these, and many more, hide account deletion choices behind a plethora of settings menus and windows, all of which are meant to either encourage you to stay or annoy you into giving up.

As a result, Apple’s requirement that an account deletion button “should be straightforward to find in your app” is a huge step forward for customers who are tired of navigating through endless irritating menus and pop-ups whenever they want to leave a service.


There are a lot of abandoned apps in the iOS and Android app marketplaces.

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