Spotify Island is exactly what it sounds like in Roblox


The first revolving theme on the island is K-Pop.

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Spotify has introduced a new digital area with a revolving theme where players can compose music and play games, putting its hat in the metaverse ring.

On Roblox, you may play the aptly named Spotify Island, albeit the name is a touch misleading. The environment appears to be more of an archipelago in the teaser and early YouTube vids, as players can move from island to island with a massive central centre in the centre.


The large island has a big-screen stage for concerts and “beat-maker stations powered by Soundtrap” because it’s all about music. This world can be downloaded from Roblox and used to play in.

Making beats that are suitable for children

Soundtrap is a Spotify-owned internet audio station that allows users to create music or record podcasts. However, because this is a children’s game, the music-making abilities are limited.

These pink stones that make a sound when pressed can be found all over the digital world. However, there doesn’t appear to be a means to capture these basic beats in-game. To truly appreciate your masterpiece, your friends must be present in person.


There are other game types to play if you aren’t musically inclined. You can either gather points to go to the top of the leaderboard or embark on an Easter Egg search to get some special items. Spotify is working on a programme that will allow fans to collaborate with the company to make in-game gear.

And a portion of the earnings will be donated to the music artist whose work is featured on the merchandise. However, this application is still in the works, and no date has been set for its implementation.

Spotify Island isn’t a static environment; it’ll alter its theme from time to time. K-Park is the initial theme, which is based on K-Pop music. In fact, two K-Pop artists will perform on the island later this year.


SUNMI, a K-pop singer, and the boy band Stray Kids will interact with fans at Spotify Island in the coming weeks, but no date has been set.

Given that this is a children’s game, it’s safe to presume that hardcore rap or death metal will not be featured in the future.

The metaverse has arrived

Expansion into kid-friendly environments is a frequent motif in these open-world sandbox games. Minecraft’s Education Edition for schools was the first step.


Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, is also branching out into this genre, collaborating with The Lego Group to create a children’s metaverse playground.

Roblox is one of the most well-known names in the kid world-building arena, and now, with Spotify’s support, it’s branching out into music, with a kid-friendly twist.


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