Simply repeating this word can cause Google Docs to crash


“And there’s more. And there’s more “Google Docs crashes

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You may have tried tapping out random words in an attempt to get the typing juices flowing if you’ve ever been stumped on how to start that critical Google Docs document, whether it’s an essay, report, or top-grossing news piece.

However, following the discovery of a pretty embarrassing problem, it appears that entering one especially common term may be enough to crash Google’s word processing programme.


According to Google’s support sites, entering the seldom-used word “And” a few times at the beginning of a document can cause the software to crash.

Google Docs is down

Pat Needham, a poster on the Google Docs Editors Help forum, identified the bug when he realised that putting “And. And. And. And. And.” into a new document caused it to crash.

Google Docs would show the standard “Something went wrong” error message, as well as a pop-up claiming that it was “unable to load file.” The user was forced to quit Google Docs when reloading the document caused the same issue.


Needham discovered the problem when using Google’s Chrome browser, with papers from three different Google accounts (personal, G Suite Basic, and perhaps enterprise) all having the same problem.

A Google employee responded to Needham’s tweet by saying that the business was aware of the problem and was working on a fix “right now.” “Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and sharing it with us. We’ll keep you informed! “They also added.

The problem appears to have been resolved on TechRadar Pro’s machine, so you can throw another excuse for missing your deadline out the window.


Ironically, the discovery comes just a few weeks after Google Docs introduced a slew of new writing capabilities, including synonym and sentence structure suggestions, to help users improve their writing quality.

The programme will also highlight any “inappropriate” language, as well as occasions where the active voice would be preferable to the passive form.


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