Samsung says no to built-in S Pen in Galaxy Z Fold 4


Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and S Pen appear to have been made for each other. On the large, tablet-like display, big ideas and hefty papers can be sketched and marked.

image credits: screenrant

Samsung clearly agrees, as evidenced by last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3’s S-Pen compatibility. To begin with, the S-Pen is an optional gadget, and there is no place to store it while not in use. If you don’t want to risk losing it, you’ll need to invest in a bulky and ugly case.

Adding an S-Pen slot to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is on a lot of people’s wish lists, and it seems like it should be a top priority. If Ice Universe is correct, it appears that their wishes will be denied.


According to the source, the Galaxy Z Fold4 does not include a S Pen. “Fold4” will be slimmed down in terms of size and thickness. This is correct. Nobody wants to play with bricks.

While it’s unclear why Samsung didn’t add a S Pen dock, which would have made the device more bulkier, it appears that the company would rather concentrate on making the foldable smaller.

According to many, the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s biggest fault is the lack of a charging connector. Despite how good it was, the majority of people we showed it to felt it was too thick and hefty to be used as their primary phone.


From a commercial sense, Samsung’s estimate may be correct. Mobility may be more important to Samsung’s potential customers than S Pen compatibility. If the majority of people are unconcerned about the S Pen, then adding more weight to a device to appease a few is a stupid decision.

The S Pen is an optional attachment with its own set of benefits. Because Samsung wants to keep the price of their foldable phones as cheap as possible in order to encourage wider adoption, including one in every package is a no-brainer.

According to rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will include upgraded cameras similar to those found in the Galaxy S22 series this year. For the time being, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only phone in its lineup with a S Pen holster. Keep an eye on the situation.


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