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Samsung has finally figured out how to sell its camera phones most effectively: cats


Please watch this video with your paws.

image credits: techmarmot

If you’re not sure why camera phones need 108MP or even 200MP sensors when your previous iPhone with a 12MP camera worked perfectly fine, Samsung has a video that you should see. It’s also worth a look if you’re a cat lover.

Samsung has released a movie showcasing its new 200MP camera sensor, which was announced in late 2021 but has yet to be utilised in a smartphone. According to the availability of this new advertisement, Samsung may be planning to deploy it in the Galaxy S23 line.


This movie demonstrates the utility of its new sensor in the most effective way possible: with cats. A group of engineers uses the ISOCELL HP1, as it’s known, to capture some fluffy small kitties, with one of the images being blown up to huge dimensions for a billboard.

The message here is clear: 200MP photos are high-resolution enough to be used as gigantic billboard images. Of course, few people want to take images this large, but at least the message is clear.

Cats are analysed

When tech companies introduce new components like photo sensors, chipsets, or neural processing units, the gadgets are frequently too complicated for the typical individual to understand.


That’s why Samsung uses cats in their videos: it gives us something cute to look at while also explaining why a 200MP sensor can be beneficial to some people.

Xiaomi did something similar in 2019 when it debuted the Mi Note 10, the world’s first smartphone with a 108MP camera; at the occasion, it displayed a large photograph of a cat taken with the handset.

Although the image Samsung chose to place on the billboard is a little strange – the cat appears to be crushed – we’re nonetheless thrilled because we enjoy cats.


Motorola is rumoured to be releasing a 200MP camera phone in July 2022, and Samsung is expected to follow suit soon after, as it manufactures the sensors – considering Xiaomi’s history of adopting the highest-megapixel cameras available, it won’t be long. So, hopefully, cat billboards will soon line every street in every city.

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