Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 — release date, price and more


This is what Samsung’s next foldable phone may (and should) look like.

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital/Technizo Concept)

Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is no easy task for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, the foldable phone formula has not yet been mastered, so there is still opportunity for development.

There are just a few speculations floating around regarding the Galaxy Z Fold 4 right now, and nothing is known for certain about its specifications or capabilities. There are still a few things we’d want to see on the horizon from Samsung, such as improved cameras and even a smoother S Pen pen integration.


See what’s been speculated about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and what we expect to see in Samsung’s next foldable smartphone below! You may learn more about the Korean company’s future plans by reading our Samsung in 2022 article.

A possible release date for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has been speculated.

Our expert assumptions and the leaks we’ve seen so far agree on the expected release date of the Samsung Z Fold 4. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was released in August, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was released in September the year before that. Both were released in the late summer/early autumn. Consequently, we should assume a similar debut date for the Z Fold 4 in the latter part of August or the first part of September.

It’s probable that Samsung would want to avoid a debut date in mid-September for the iPhone 14.


A new name for the next Fold is a possibility when it makes its public appearance. Galaxy Fold 3 is being sold in Europe as a reaction to the use of the letter Z by Russian authorities as a sign of support for the invasion of Ukraine. Suggestions that Samsung may remove the Z from its Galaxy Fold 4 nomenclature have been spurred by this.

Pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

In one Galaxy Z Fold 4 rumour, the phone will be cheaper, which would be excellent news considering the Z Fold 3’s $1,799 price. The report comes from Korean leaker yeux1122 on Korean site Naver.

According to the launch price of the 2020 Galaxy Z Fold 2, we may expect a $400 decrease to $1,599 over the next two years for the Z Fold 4. This would still be more costly than even the most fully-specced phablet-style phone, but as the gap between the two closes, more and more phone customers will be enticed to opt for a foldable.


Samsung’s Z Fold 4: A New Look

For the Z Fold 4, we anticipate Samsung to keep to the Z Fold 3’s fundamental concept. In spite of this, one leaker has already hinted at certain modifications that may be coming.

Reworking the hinge and strengthening the phone’s waterproofing and dustproofing are among the ideas being considered by Samsung, according to a post on the Korean blogging site Naver. Having a phone that is less vulnerable to water and dust damage seems like a good idea to us.

To that end, Twitter user @TheGalox(opens in new tab) has claimed that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 would only have a single central hinge, unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which had two. The Z Fold 4 might be made smaller and lighter while also being more robust as a result.


If this rumour is true, it’s a little sad that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 doesn’t feature a place for the S Pen. As one of our gripes with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and something Samsung could easily fix, this seems like an odd move by the company.

According to another report, Samsung has been toying around with the aspect ratio of the front display of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 prototypes. Twitter tipster Chunv8888 believes there are a variety of options, ranging from the Z Fold 3’s same design to completely new shapes.

According to leaker yeux1122, Samsung may be replacing the present Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) display panel with a more advanced one. According to rumours, the new material would be more durable and more suited for usage with the anticipated integrated S Pen stylus.


If Samsung were to abandon the present book-style fold structure, there are a number of additional options it might pursue. Samsung Display’s CES 2022 proposals include three portable foldable gadgets. Rather of having two panels, two of them employ an s-fold design to form three, while the third is a programmable “slidable.” The s-fold design for the Z Fold 4 seems to be within Samsung’s grasp, even if it’s only a notion for future Z Fold phones.

Rumors from a Korean media outlet Galaxy Z Fold 4 may be with with a built-in S Pen, according to a report from Elec. Since the Galaxy S22 Ultra also has one, this would make a lot of sense. / (like the Galaxy Notes of old). As a result, the stylus would be able to fit into a silo on the Fold 4. In light of the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s lack of storage for its S Pen attachment, this would be a great solution.

As far as we know, the fingerprint-sensing power button isn’t going anywhere. A button-mounted fingerprint sensor will be retained on the Z Fold 4, rather than the under-display module that was originally intended by Samsung for the device. It’s possible, though, that using the button-mounted sensor might be preferable in the long run.


The cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 are better than ever.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 is said to be using the same camera configuration as the Galaxy S22 (opens in new tab). This would allow you to view the same excellent telephoto lens with a 3x optical zoom, up from 2x on the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

New rumours indicate that the Z Fold 4 will include a 108MP primary camera like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but we’ll have to wait and see whether that’s the case or not.

Even if his tweet(opens in new tab) just says “Galaxy Z Fold4 108MP Camera,” it would be a huge development and give the foldable an edge over its rivals were it accurate.


For the first time, Samsung has put an under-display camera on the primary display of its Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone. According to a source from Korea, the Z Fold 4 might improve on this by including a second camera behind the cover display.

If Samsung doesn’t enhance the under-display camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s not ideal to have another one on the Galaxy Z Fold. This is precisely what the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is supposed to achieve, with a number of under-screen camera enhancements expected.

Power: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Unfortunately, we have just one rumour concerning the Z Fold 4’s power source, and it’s a bad one. According to this, Samsung will maintain the battery size of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 around the same.


As a downside of foldable phones, they have a larger screen to power, even if the battery is smaller or equal to that of a comparable device. In order to make the Z Fold 3 survive a whole day without recharging, Samsung will need to improve other aspects of the phone’s design, including as its battery capacity.

In our ideal world, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold would be…

To fulfil your want for more Z Fold 4 information, we’ve put up our own wish list for the next foldable.


The “Galaxy Flex Note” is based on a Samsung patent and was created by Technizo Design and LetsGoDigital. Samsung could do much worse than replicate this tempting concept. The Z Fold series would be the successor to the Galaxy Note series, which saw a possible end this year with the cancellation of the Galaxy Note 21. We appreciate how this design employs a single display and offers space for a S Pen pen.

As with previous Samsung phones, and more rumoured for the future, the Z Fold 4 may have some of these functions as well. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition would fit perfectly in with the Z Fold 4, but with a somewhat different form of customisation as one side of the folded phone remains all screen.

A new Snapdragon 898/895 or Samsung’s latest LPDDR5X RAM, for example, might make an appearance on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. If they are going to be in phones this year, we’ll presumably see them first on the Samsung Galaxy S22.


What we want on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may be summarised thusly:

a much more effective cameras

In spite of its high price, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is equipped with a similar set of cameras as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 from the previous year, but with the internal selfie camera exchanged for an under-display camera.

It would be fantastic if the Z Fold 4’s cameras were better all around. Even if Samsung isn’t focusing on photography with its foldables, bigger or higher-resolution sensors would still be a great feature. It would also be wonderful to have a more powerful Space Zoom.


Storage for the S Pen should be added to the device.

So far, Samsung’s foldable Z Fold 3 has introduced the S Pen pen, and this would be logical for the next-generation device. As seen in the concept design, it would be ideal if Samsung could make the stylus part of the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s body rather than having it to be stored separately or in a specialised case.

According to rumours, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will include a S Pen slot, thus the Galaxy Z Fold 4 should follow suit.


Another price cut.

Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung has to make foldables more affordable so that they become more widespread. This was noted in the report from yeux1122, but it doesn’t imply anything at this point in time. Much may happen between now and its public unveiling.

Invisibly less noticeable screen creases


The primary drawback of watching video on foldable screens is that the evident creases in the screen might detract from the overall experience. Although we don’t expect it to vanish, it would be wonderful if it faded into the background a little more.

A more svelte silhouette

In order for a foldable phone to be particularly slim, the primary display has to be folded in half. However, the Z Fold 3’s most common criticism is that it’s excessively heavy and cumbersome to take about. We’d like to see the Z Fold 4 lose a few more millimetres of thickness.


a longer-lasting battery

Because the Z Fold 3 has to power two screens, including one the size of a tiny tablet, it has a disadvantage from the beginning. During our testing, we were able to get just 8 hours of battery life, and we would want to see that increase to 10 hours with a bigger battery and other efficiency improvements.


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