Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has AI camera problem


According to DxOMark’s camera testing, the camera performance of the US Galaxy S22 Ultra and the international Galaxy S22 Ultra differs slightly. Despite the fact that both phones have the same overall score and rank on the scoreboard, the disparities in photography, zoom, and video are fascinating to examine. You won’t find a difference like this on any other phone.

image credits: xdadevelopers

According to this latest leak, the S22 Ultra will be the only S22 model with a 108MP primary sensor, and when users take images with that sensor, a “AI detail enhancement button” would appear.

The AI processing will ostensibly boost details, colours, and brightness, though we’ll have to wait and see how successful the improvements are. Some people may prefer photographs that have not undergone any additional software-based enhancements.


In recent months, we’ve heard a lot about the S22 Ultra in particular and the S22 series in general, and there’s not much left for Samsung to show off. However, we should see the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in January before these handsets arrive.

AI improvements have become increasingly crucial in recent years in terms of the quality of smartphone photographs and videos: it’s one of the reasons, for example, that Google’s Pixel phones’ Night Sight mode works so well.

Google continues to lead the way in computational photography, in which algorithms are built on top of the data captured by the camera sensor. More of these gimmicks are included in the latest Pixel 6 phones than ever before.


Apple, Samsung, and other phone manufacturers are also heavily involved, with AI handling everything from image tone adjustments to video stabilisation. These models can provide some serious upgrades with enough training.

However, AI upgrades, like the original photographs, can vary in quality. Just because a corporation says it’s introducing AI to its photographs doesn’t mean it’ll get everything right – but it’s a necessary bonus at this stage.


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