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RodeCaster Pro II is now available, providing a one-stop shop for audio streaming and recording


The popular unit’s upgrade will begin delivering in June.

image credits: techcrunch

Rode has officially revealed the RodeCaster Pro II, the successor to its ever-popular audio streaming and recording hub.

This gadget, like its predecessor, is expected to provide a straightforward and comprehensive solution for recording or directly streaming numerous sources of audio at the same time — whether for podcasts, game broadcasts, or multi-track recording for artists.


The Australian pro audio company is best known for its microphones, which have established a “household” name in studios all over the world over the last five decades, but they’ve expanded in recent years.

Along with certain items geared toward streamers and computer recording (such as the RodeCaster range), the company also debuted its first set of headphones, the five-star Rode NTH-100, in March of this year.


Rode has developed new Revolution Preamps in terms of audio quality, claiming that they can provide higher volume to microphone and line inputs while keeping ultra-low noise. The entire machine is powered by a new quad-core audio engine, which allows it to handle its integrated effects and other signal processing techniques without issue.


Quick access to the numerous menus is provided by a 5.5-inch touchscreen with haptic feedback and a rotary encoder, ensuring straightforward and rapid setup and customization.

In terms of communication, the RodeCaster Pro II uses Bluetooth to deliver and receive audio channels (meaning you could send a phone call to one of its channels, for instance).

There are three USB-C ports in total: one for charging and two more for simultaneously connecting the device to two computers, phones, or tablets. This is very useful for game streamers that have two separate systems for their gaming and streaming computers.


There are four Neutrik combination inputs for microphones that accept either a 1/4-inch cable or an XLR input, four 1/4-inch headphone outputs, and a stereo 1/4-inch output pair for speakers or studio monitors.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be reviewing the RodeCaster Pro II to see how well it delivers on its claims and who this device is best suited for.

Pre-orders for the RodeCaster Pro II begin today for $699 / AU$1,099 (about £600), which is $100 / AU$250 more than the first iteration’s launch price. In June, the RodeCaster Pro II will be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


The new AI-Micro from Rode transforms your phone into a portable audio recording studio.

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