Rejoice, WhatsApp has finally included emoji reactions


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WhatsApp is finally sending out emoji reactions, substantially higher file transfer limits, and bigger and better groups in a new update, after an agonisingly long month of waiting for some users when Meta initially announced the slew of enhancements coming to their exclusive messaging app.

WhatsApp’s attempt to introduce emoji reactions so users can instantly react to messages in a fun and friendly manner is the highlight of this slew of much-requested additions. Unfortunately, people who want to properly express themselves with a variety of emotions will have to settle for the thumbs up, heart, laughter, surprise, sobbing, and folded hands emojis.


WhatsApp helpfully acknowledged in their blog post announcing the deployment of this upgrade that they will be expanding the selection of emojis and skin tones accessible as reactions in the future, but no timescale for these future plans was provided.

Thankfully, the mediocre emoji reactions aren’t the only feature added to WhatsApp in this update; the Meta-owned messaging service is also significantly increasing its file transfer limits, allowing users to send files up to 2GB in size, which should make project collaboration and video sharing far easier.

As if the increased file transfer limitations weren’t enough, Meta is now upgrading WhatsApp groups by “slowly rolling out” the option to add up to 512 participants to a single group.


Crying Emoji Analysis

While emoji replies are a great tool for individuals who are part of WhatsApp’s new larger groups and don’t want to clutter up the chat with too many messages, Meta’s current selection of only six emojis leaves a lot to be desired.

While more emoticons and skin tones are on the way, WhatsApp would still fall behind other chat applications like Slack, Telegram, and Discord, which allow for far more expression and the use of bespoke animated emojis.

Because of its ownership by Meta, WhatsApp’s key selling point of being secure and enabling end-to-end encrypted conversations is fading in the eyes of many of its users. If the firm wants to attract users away from competing apps on the market, it may have to do a lot more than add a few replies and expand a few functions.


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