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One of the most anxiously anticipated aspects of Microsoft Teams is almost here


Customers, clients, and partners can access your Teams channels.

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Microsoft is preparing a major update for Teams that will provide organisations with a slew of new collaboration options.

After delivering a restricted preview in March 2022, Microsoft is almost ready to distribute its new Teams Connect shared channels functionality to all customers, according to a new entry(opens in new tab) in the Microsoft 365 product roadmap.


The functionality allows businesses to invite external users into a shared Microsoft Teams environment, allowing them to collaborate with clients and partners across departments.

Microsoft Teams’ shared channels

Although Microsoft Teams has grown in popularity since the outbreak began, with over 270 million monthly active users, the site has been focused on conversations between coworkers until now.

However, the addition of Teams Connect shared channels will turn the service into a hub for business collaboration, allowing numerous parties to hold video meetings and exchange messages, files, and other data in a safe environment.


“Collaboration in the workplace is becoming increasingly digital and cloud-based. And, in today’s interconnected world, we need to engage with people outside our organization—communicating with partners, following up with suppliers, and reaching out to customers,” Microsoft noted when the functionality was first revealed.

“Multiple companies can collaborate in a common environment via shared channels. Without ever switching tenancies, you may have discussions, plan meetings, share and co-author files, and collaborate on apps.”

The initiative to bring cross-business cooperation to Teams is part of a larger endeavour to turn the platform into a central hub for working, with everything an employee could need to accomplish their goals.


Microsoft is putting a lot of effort and resources into establishing a strong ecosystem of third-party apps for the platform as part of this push, reducing the need for users to transfer between multiple services to complete activities. Rather, everything can take place within Teams.

Microsoft will decrease the need to transfer contexts in a way that may impair productivity by putting communications that would normally take place through email into Teams as well.

Although the new shared channels feature will stay in preview for the time being, Microsoft says it will be available to the general public by the end of July 2022.


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