On iPhone, how to convert HEIC photos to any format


It’s compatible with all of your Apple devices.

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Many consumers had varied feelings about HEIC when it was originally released by Apple. But, most crucially, there was a lot of ambiguity for people who did a lot of their work on both Mac and Windows.

Users were given the option of continuing to take images in JPEG or utilising the new HEIC format to save space on their smartphones when the capability was first released on iOS. While this all sounds wonderful, there have been times when the photographs could not be read in their original HEIC format.


This would either result in you adjusting the settings on your smartphone to ensure that all future photographs are recorded in JPEG, or you becoming a regular user who would upload the images to your PC or Mac and then go to an internet website that converts them for you instantaneously.

Although Windows 11 includes capability for reading HEIC files, some of these files still fail to be read when transmitted to others. On Windows 10, the pictures app may be used to convert HEIC files.

However, with the power of automation, you can perform the same thing directly from your iPhone and iPad, or even convert the ones already saved on your Mac to any format you like. In 2018, Apple released the Shortcuts app, which allows users to create automation instruction sets for basic tasks like taking notes, creating screenshots, and even phoning a certain contact depending on a given action.


What exactly is the Shortcuts application?

The Shortcuts software, which is available for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, allows users to automate actions depending on their preferences. Shortcuts, like IoT automation, can develop macros to perform activities that IoT devices can’t. Sending your location to a friend with just a voice command, for example. Alternatively, once your headphones are connected, you can listen to a song or playlist automatically.

Similarly, you can develop a set of instructions that will allow you to instantaneously convert your photographs on your device. You also don’t have to make macros on other devices separately. It can be created on a single device and then used anywhere.

The following are some of the advantages of using Shortcuts to create the macro:

  • Siri may be used to start the automation, and it syncs across all your Apple devices.
  • Multiple file types can be altered or cloned.

How to use the Shortcuts app to make a macro

Because the software is already installed on your Apple device, you can start creating your automation right away. Here’s how to make your own picture converter app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

  • On your iPhone, open the Shortcuts app.
    In the top right corner, click the ‘+’ icon.
    You can change the name of the shortcut here to suit your needs. The name you provide the shortcut will also be used to call it up through Siri. If you plan on generating various shortcuts based on your workflow, you can modify the icon to distinguish them.
  • Select ‘Media’ from the ‘Add Action’ menu.
  • Scroll down until you see ‘Images’ on the list.
  • Choose ‘Convert Image’.
  • Next, choose ‘Save to Photo Album’ from the list of ‘Next Action Suggestions.

The shortcut is designed to convert HEIC photos to JPEG by default. However, you can personalise the output by selecting one of the options under ‘JPEG.’ We’ve chosen ‘Ask Each Time’ for this example, which allows us to choose the output each time we convert a picture.

Now that the shortcut has been created, all that remains is to ensure that it is available from all of your Apple devices. On the top-right, next to the close button, click the settings icon. You must enable ‘Show in Share Sheet’ for your iPhone or iPad and ‘Use as Quick Action’ for your Mac, as seen in the screenshot.


You’ll see that the options inside the instructions have changed once these are enabled. There is no need to be concerned; it will work as intended. The last adjustment you’ll need to do is to make sure we’re only converting photos.

  1. Click on the field indicated as ‘Any’
  2. Click on ‘Clear’
  3. Turn on the toggle only for ‘Images’ and click ‘Done’

Click the cross in the top-right corner to save the shortcut, and it will appear on the main menu. You can also opt to add the shortcut to your homepage for quicker access.

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