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Now broadly accessible, freshly organised Google Home app feed


It has been released for both Android and iOS.

image credits: androidcentral

Google recently introduced a number of updates to the Google Home app that make it simpler to change different settings on your smart home devices. The huge device icons on the home screen were swapped out for more practical interactive tiles, and the app settings were adjusted to provide users more flexibility. Additional modifications to the home feed were mentioned as part of that announcement, and they are currently being widely implemented on Android and iOS.

When using an older feed user interface, you were often prompted to check for significant events from your supported Nest and Home products via a sequence of cards (via 9to5Google). The revised interface still does the same duties, but it now has a lot more user-friendly layout thanks to the removal of the cards and the replacement of the compact list with a one-line description of an event. Now that repetitive events are grouped together, events really appear to be a part of a timeline, making the timeline less cluttered and providing more information while requiring less scrolling.


The alert may be opened by tapping a list item, and the three-dot menu allows you to cancel events or edit the feed. Images will accompany camera events and activity sensed by your Nest products is still displayed. The word “History” has also been shifted to the top-right corner, where it is much more obvious.

If you’re among the select few who have already received it, you probably aren’t noticing anything new because the deployment began a few weeks ago. However, if the upgraded stream has just appeared now, you will first see an introductory message.


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