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Notes on Twitter are like enormous tweets that you can now modify


Twitter introduces an internal publishing platform.

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You can now modify tweets on Twitter, but only as part of a new test called Notes.

Notes are lengthy entries on and off of Twitter that can contain more than 280 characters and multimedia, such as photographs, GIFs, videos, and embedded Tweets. Finally, they can also be altered both before and after publication.


On Wednesday, Twitter unveiled the new function in, naturally, its own Note .

Notes are not quite Tweets, to be clear. Although they exist on the Twitter timeline, the lengthy posts are now devoid of several essential Twitter functions including Likes, Retweets, and Replies.

Additionally, a separate Notes page will be added to your Twitter profile to house your Notes collection.


Twitter outlines the justification for introducing Notes in the post.

“Writers have relied on Twitter for everything except the actual writing since the beginning of the company: sharing their work, getting noticed, being read, starting conversations. The purpose of Notes is to complete that gap and support authors in achieving their desired level of accomplishment.”

In some respects, this is more about Twitter fully absorbing Revue, the newsletter platform it purchased in 2021, than it is about enlarging Tweets .


In order to better match the integrated Notes, Twitter really updated the Revue Twitter username to @TwitterWrite.

The entire effort might seem a little, um, SubStack-like if any of this seems familiar. That is probably also deliberate. A content platform called Substack blurs the distinction between online publishers and newsletters. It is developing a sizable portfolio of custom media brands.

There are far more voices on Twitter than there were in the past, but they were all limited to either 280-character Tweets or lengthy Threads, which Twitter is still using. They might make advantage of Twitter’s longer-form Revue newsletter tool, although SubStack is more well-known than Revue. Twitter’s most popular area may now host the main content stage thanks to Notes.


It’s a major deal because there will soon be a feature on Twitter that allows you to post (or publish) and then modify. We are aware that Twitter is examining the best options for enabling edited Tweets. Maybe they can try out some ideas with Notes.

It’s not like the test will be widely applicable. Only a select group of authors from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ghana will have access to Notes for the following two months. None of those writers were identified by Twitter. Personally, I hope it includes Stephen King, a maestro of horror, and a current Tweeter .

Elon Musk, who may one day buy Twitter, has not yet addressed the issue of Notes’ accessibility as of this writing.


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