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Modern Warfare 2 announces its release date alongside… massive ship murals?


The Call of Duty ship has arrived in port.

image credits: techcodex

Modern Warfare 2, the newest instalment in Infinity Ward’s redesigned Modern Warfare franchise, will be published on Friday, October 28.

The date was revealed on the official Call of Duty twitter account with a strange video showing a cargo ship with a mural of the masked series protagonist/mascot Ghost on the deck. We get to view close-ups of a couple others until the ship docks with a port to complete the mural by zooming around while vaguely tactical pronouncements follow the camera. This is the most thrilled I’ve ever been for tactical shipping action.


Serving as a follow-up to the surprisingly fantastic Modern Warfare revival from 2019, the newest Call of Duty game has been teased for release this year. I’m not sure how scary the tale of Modern Warfare 2 will be, but we’ll be able to play it alongside our pumpkins this year, and Ghost’s iconic mask will undoubtedly bring him full-size candy bars to my doorstep. He won’t have to take them under duress.

At the same time, Infinity Ward tweeted some Modern Warfare 2 splash art, which doesn’t give much new information but does show you additional perspectives of Ghost being all tactical. Infinity Ward has also stated that Ghost, John Price, Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick, ‘Soap’ MacTavish, and Colonel Alejandro Vargas will be part of Task Force 141, which will star in the film.

The first instalment of the relaunched Modern Warfare had some moral ambiguity in its storytelling and had a lot to say. Since 2019, a lot has transpired, but I’m hopeful that the storytelling trend continues. The campaign is believed to involve US special troops against Columbian drug gangs, which sounds like a lot of fun.


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