Microsoft Outlook wants to ensure that you never miss another notification


Outlook’s new notifications pane appears to keep you focused.

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Thanks to a new update to the platform, keeping track of the updates that important to you in Microsoft Outlook may soon be easier than ever.

Users will be able to keep track of all their pings, mentions, and other updates in a new central spot in the email service, ensuring that they never miss a major occurrence.


The new “notifications pane” will allow Windows users to keep track of all essential Outlook updates as they arrive.

Notifications in Outlook

According to the official Microsoft 365 roadmap update, “you can stay connected with information focused on you, like @mentions, that you would have missed in the context of your regular mail” by using the new notifications window.

For the time being, the new tool is still labelled as under development, with a general release date of June 2022 projected by Microsoft. When it’s ready, Microsoft says it’ll be available to all Outlook desktop users.


The latest update from Microsoft is designed to make Outlook a more user-friendly tool for the new era of hybrid working.

The company recently announced that users would soon be able to specify their working hours and location settings in Outlook, allowing coworkers and others to know when they may reach you and, hopefully, keeping your off hours quiet.

In a similar vein to this current Notifications Pane change, Microsoft recently updated Outlook with new settings that make managing email notifications on mobile easier. The upgrade, which is available on iOS and Android, should help users remain on top of their work and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


In other news, Outlook users will soon be able to examine the suitability of their messages before sending them, with the company’s MailTips help service telling users if their emails do not meet accessibility criteria.

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