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Microsoft Edge could become a valuable hybrid working tool in the near future


Easily switch between Microsoft Edge browser profiles.

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A new Microsoft Edge upgrade will make switching between business and personal profiles in your browser a whole lot easier.

When using Microsoft Edge, a new feature will seamlessly swap user profiles between business and personal, allowing users more flexibility and privacy.


Users will no longer have to manually switch profiles when trying to open a work-related link while using their personal profile as a result of the change (or vice-versa).

Profiles for Microsoft Edge

The update to the GuidedSwitchEnabled policy is covered in greater depth in the Microsoft 365 roadmap(opens in new tab). When Microsoft Edge recognises that a link is a personal or work link, it will now prompt the user to switch to the appropriate profile.

Edge doesn’t say how it would distinguish between personal and work links, and the feature is still labelled as in development for the time being. However, it has a general availability date of June 2022, so users shouldn’t have to wait long.


The upgrade will be available to all Edge users utilising the web-based version of the tool when it is published, according to Microsoft.

With hybrid working becoming increasingly popular among employees around the world, many businesses are emphasising the importance of separating work and personal lives.

In a similar spirit, Google Workspace just released an upgrade that creates boundaries between work and home apps(opens in new tab), ensuring that users aren’t bothered by alerts at work and at home. Users on mobile devices will be able to create separate profiles for the two parts, which they may move between when they need to concentrate or relax.


Google Calendar just included the ability to share your working location, allowing you and your coworkers to display where you are at any given time.

Protect your internet behaviour from prying eyes by using a VPN.


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