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Meta wants you to use WhatsApp to operate your business


Meta makes the WhatsApp API available to enterprises.

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WhatsApp is widely regarded as one of the best messaging services, with over two billion users worldwide, and for good reason: it’s encrypted, speedy, simple, and ad-free.

However, Meta, the service’s parent firm, has been looking into various revenue streams for some time, particularly with its large commercial user base.


WhatsApp announced many new features for businesses in a blog post, led by the WhatsApp Cloud API, which has been in beta testing since last year.

An important step

“By introducing free, secure cloud hosting services provided by Meta today, we’re taking a huge step toward making WhatsApp available to every business of any size anywhere in the globe,” the company adds.

“With this new API, we’ve reduced the time it takes to get started from months to minutes, allowing companies and developers to quickly and easily utilise our service and build directly on top of WhatsApp to further customise their experience and respond to customers.”


The tool is essentially a cloud-based version of WhatsApp’s Business API. The idea is to make WhatsApp a critical element of a company’s software stack, resulting in paying customers who aren’t end users. It makes logical, especially because WhatsApp has never had advertisements.

WhatsApp is targeting smaller businesses with the cloud-based API, following the success of the complete Business API in wooing larger businesses. There will be no additional server expenditures or bother because Meta will host everything.

Messaging in the Future

With a slew of WhatsApp competitors on its heels, the messaging service wants to stay relevant and profitable without alienating its users.


Mark Zuckerberg explained the promise of this strategy for WhatsApp during the Conversations event.

He explained, “The finest business experiences meet people where they are.” “Every week, over 1 billion users utilise our messaging services to connect with a business account. They’re looking for assistance, products and services, and to purchase everything from high-ticket items to everyday items.”

“And now, I’m thrilled to share that the WhatsApp Cloud API is now available to any business of any size anywhere in the globe.”


It’s a strong pitch with a good chance of success. Vodafone and BMW are among the companies who have already signed up for WhatsApp’s Business API.

Being able to send messages to clients where they are already is a huge win – and something Zendesk and other customer care solutions should be mindful of.

With the best on-hold messaging services, you can keep your consumers pleased.


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