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Is this PS5 Slim practical, despite how great it looks?


It actually is more cool than the original PS5.

image credits: metro

The colossal PS5 has been transformed into a rectangle console that is only 2 cm (0.7 inches) tall by YouTuber DIY Perks(opens in new tab). And the outcomes are striking.

There is no denying that the PS5 is large, making the Xbox Series X appear little, regardless of how you feel about the design. However, DIY Perks demonstrated how Sony might hypothetically approach the PS5 Slim that is both stylish and not a space-eating machine with some clever engineering and some expensive parts.


One caveat, though: keeping an external power supply and water cooling system in storage is necessary in order to make a thinner PS5 that doesn’t self-heat. However, what’s really cool about this situation is that DIY Perks found that, at least based on their testing, their PS5 Slim actually ran cooler than the original PS5.

The movie also provides an intriguing look at some clever engineering and provides information about how Sony created the PS5, including the use of liquid metal thermal paste on the main chip to maintain a low temperature.

But given that it involves a lot of talent and some pricey materials that are roughly the cost of a new PS5, this isn’t going to be a project you’re likely to be able to complete at home.


The video does, however, clearly demonstrate that Sony could ultimately produce a smaller PS5.

Will it be as thin as the console from DIY Perks? Most likely not. But if Sony does eventually release a PS5 Slim, it will likely have done so by developing a more effective chipset that consumes less power and produces less heat, allowing it to fit in a smaller chassis.

While some people, especially those with small entertainment centres, would choose a PS5 Slim, others could want the more potent PS5 Pro. A more powerful gaming system that can fully target native 4K at a fixed 60 frames per second or higher has previously been hinted at. but with ongoing component shortages


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