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Expectations for the MacBook Air, iOS 16, and Apple WWDC 2022


The complete Apple WWDC 2022 information

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Beginning today (June 6), Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2022, promises a larger-than-usual display that may even feature hardware. Follow our WWDC 2022 live blog to stay up to date on all the most recent speculations prior to the event as we bring you all the news as it develops.

Apple executives showcase the newest versions of the operating systems that power all of their iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs during the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.


WWDC will be streamed live, just as recent Apple events. When it comes to guessing about what significant new features Apple may add in 2022, this news is essentially the shot heard round the world.

Along with revealing the upcoming important features of its new software, Apple will also likely post developer betas for each significant OS upgrade soon after the keynote. The following months and weeks saw the release of more stable public betas, and the fall sees the release of the final versions along with new hardware.

However, new hardware might be unveiled at WWDC 2022, with the MacBook Air 2022 and a potential sneak peek at the Apple VR/AR headset topping the list.


WWDC 2022 news and rumors (Updated June 6)

  • Please bookmark our WWDC 2022 live blog immediately for all the latest speculation leading up to the event as well as all the significant announcements once it begins later today.
  • According to a recent article in The New York Times, Apple’s AR/VR headset will have content from some of Hollywood’s best directors, but the headset won’t be available for purchase for some time.
  • We’ve compiled the top MacBook Air 2022 features and anticipated iOS 16 features that we anticipate seeing at WWDC 2022.
  • Apple recently released AR cards as a WWDC 2022 easter egg, which may allude to the company’s mixed reality initiatives, such as the anticipated realityOS.

WWDC dates 2022

Today, June 6, to June 10, is the first day of WWDC 2022. Today will mark the debut of the State of the Union films and the yearly address. The State of the Union is mainly targeted at developers, whilst the keynote is more accessible to the general public.

The highlight of the convention will be the WWDC 2022 keynote. It is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET, and 6 p.m. BST today, Monday, June 6. Here is a guide on how to watch the live stream of WWDC 2022.

The keynote invitation shown above has the words “Swiftly Approaching” and five silhouettes of people in the colours of the Apple logo. That is a parody of the Swift programming language, which is used by programmers to create components for Apple’s numerous software applications.


On its events website, Apple offers a hidden feature where, if you tap on the memojis on the page with your iPad or iPhone, it will display augmented reality cards with various memoji on them.

During WWDC 2022, the Apple Design Awards will also be presented.

iOS 16 announcements at WWDC

According to reports, both the Health app and how iPhones manage notifications may receive significant updates in iOS 16. (opens in new tab). Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims this.


As was the case with iOS 15, iOS 16 is anticipated to share many of its best features with other Apple OS devices. For example, SharePlay, which enables users to watch a TV or movie with a friend remotely, and Live Text, which lets you choose text in photographs, are both more Apple features than they are iPhone features. In a follow-up report, he also hinted at new Apple apps for iOS 16. A list of potential iOS 16 features is provided below.

Owners of iPhones frequently boast about how their devices receive upgrades for a very long time. And a leak implies that iOS 16 may not be available on the 6-plus-year-old iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The long-rumored Apple AR/VR headset may be mentioned in iOS 16. Even though we are unsure of the functionality this might include, receiving formal confirmation of the headset would be significant.


Additionally, Apple unveiled its brand-new Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service. With the introduction of Apple Pay Later in iOS 16, users will be able to divide any Apple Pay purchase into four equal payments spread out over a six-week period.

Announcements for macOS 13 during WWDC

Macs now integrate more than ever into the Apple ecosystem in recent years. This is true of Universal Control, which enables users to use the same mouse and keyboard on Macs and iPads. It also applies to iPad apps running on Apple Silicon Macs.

Are you sick of having to confirm your human status on every website you visit? Automatic Verification is coming to both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, enabling Apple users to avoid CAPTCHAs on a variety of websites. As it continues to go out, this feature might prove to be a real-time saver.


Other than that, how will macOS 13 improve? We’re not sure, but if there’s any discernible pattern, it’s that Apple will keep providing incentives for you to be a part of the macOS ecosystem.

WatchOS 9 announcements from WWDC

In our articles on watchOS 9, we made predictions regarding additional improvements to health and fitness as well as integrations with HomeKit, Apple Wallet, and Apple Fitness Plus. But which watchOS 9 improvements would you like to see Apple reveal at WWDC 2022?

We’re really expecting that the Apple Watch will feature a sizable presence for the iPhone’s Health app. This app already has a lot of data collected by the Apple Watch, thus this is the ideal place for it.


It would also be quite useful to have an Apple Watch Notes App. Some members of the TG team frequently utilise third-party apps for things like using Siri to take notes and checking their grocery lists, so we’re puzzled as to why Apple hasn’t introduced these features yet.

Additionally: Apple, give us a break. Some of us are so committed to maintaining our streaks on the Fitness apps that it’s almost stressful. Giving people the option to take occasional days off would do a lot for their mental health.

iPadOS 16 was announced during WWDC

This is a fascinating one. Widgets were finally introduced in iPadOS 15, and multitasking was enhanced, although many users may have been disappointed by the iPad’s reluctance to resemble a Mac.


However, given that even the iPad Air 2022 has an M1 CPU today, WWDC 2022 seems like the perfect time to declare that iPads can finally run Mac software. What’s the problem if Macs can run iPad apps?

The good news is that resizable windows for a more desktop-like experience are reportedly included in the new multitasking features planned for iPadOS 16. Additionally, connecting in a keyboard and mouse would cause apps to immediately become smaller and feel more laptop-like. In other words, the iPad may finally be able to take the place of your laptop with iPadOS 16.

tvOS 16 was announced during WWDC

We have two requests, but there haven’t been any speculations regarding what tvOS 16 will include. First, can Apple incorporate support for external webcams into the Apple TV? FaceTime SharePlay forces you to juggle your Apple devices without it.


Second, add the iPad’s and Mac’s split view feature. Imagine a picture-in-picture effect on steroids. Any sports lover or anyone trying to watch two or more stations at once would tell you that Fubo TV’s multi-stream view is something that would be a tremendous help.

Additionally, find a way to bring Find My Support to the Apple TV remote.

Hardware: Apple AR/VR headset or MacBook Air?

Similar to how Apple and Epic Games go together, WWDC and hardware don’t frequently coincide with major product announcements. Despite this, there are two technologies this year that we believe are undoubtedly feasible. People do, however, frequently get their hopes up.


A MacBook Air 2022 and one additional Mac could be introduced at WWDC 2022, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. According to reports, the new MacBook Air 2022 will include an M2 chip and come in a variety of striking hues. We’ll have to wait and see what shows up at the conference. For more information, view our list of the best MacBook Air 2022 features.

The new Mac Pro that is powered by Apple Silicon comes next. This new, powerful Mac, which was hinted to at the conclusion of Apple’s March 2022 presentation, would probably be well-liked by the developer community, so WWDC would be a good moment to give a sneak peek at what’s to come. Again, no one is predicting it, but it would be great.

We have to question how much time Apple will give third-party app developers to produce apps, even though the Apple VR/AR headgear isn’t screaming for a WWDC 2022 announcement. We don’t anticipate seeing the final hardware at WWDC 2022 because recent speculations indicate to a 2023 date, but Apple very well could tease the rumoured realityOS that would power the headgear. And iO6 16 is said to have a tonne.


In addition, we now know that Apple might register a trademark for realityOS on June 8, just two days after the start of WWDC 2022. Therefore, it’s possible that Apple will provide us with a sneak peek at their AR/VR headset.

Ming-Chi Kuo, though, has played down the rumours. According to the expert, premature disclosure of the headset and its software would offer Apple’s rivals the opportunity to produce knockoff devices. The Apple AR/VR headset won’t be available until 2023, according to The New York Times(opens in new tab), but there might be some AR software news at WWDC 2022. Additionally, prominent Hollywood directors like Jon Favreau may create material for the Apple headset (opens in new tab).

Any WWDC hardware, according to Mark Gurman(opens in new tab), will probably be Mac-centric. Apple also left a WWDC easter egg in the form of AR cards, which may be a clue at their concentration on AR even though a headset is not probable.


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