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EVE Anywhere is a new feature that allows you to play EVE Online from any browser


EVE Anywhere is compatible with any PC.

image credits: techmarmot

CCP Games, the creators of the space sci-fi MMO EVE Online, has partnered with Intel to build a new cloud-based platform for any desktop or laptop computer.

EVE Anywhere is a browser-based platform that supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Players can practically access the game thanks to cloud servers, independent of PC hardware. Players may also effortlessly transition between a web browser and the EVE Online client’s launcher, according to CCP Games.


Since August 2021, more than 11,000 players have streamed 86,000 EVE Online experiences through the platform’s test phase. You can get the full version right now by signing up for an account here and then launching the game.

EVE Anywhere is now available in North America and parts of Europe for EVE Online players, with more countries coming later this year.

Is cloud-based gaming becoming more popular?

CCP Games’ decision to webcast EVE Online isn’t the only recent move into cloud-based gaming.


Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, for example, is a subscription-based service with tiers. You can enjoy a gaming experience comparable to the RTX 3080 (1440p/120 FPS) depending on how much money you’re prepared to spend.

Shadow, which was recently relaunched, provides a completely remote gaming PC experience rather than just a streaming service. As well as Google Stadia, which began as a game platform but has subsequently expanded to sell its technology to other businesses.

With the success of the EVE Anywhere beta and the expected success of the full platform, it appears that gaming is capitalising on growing PC component prices to establish a new gaming market that only requires a decent internet connection.


The creators of EVE Online are optimistic about Mac gaming, and believe you should be as well.

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