Don’t expect the Google Pixel Fold to arrive any time soon


One of the few things that hasn’t been teased

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Many reports imply that the Google Pixel Fold will be released soon; it is supposed to be the company’s first foldable phone. We don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon after the yearly Google IO 2022 conference.

It was a frantic debut, with Google revealing software and hardware at breakneck speed, and the foldable front remained largely silent. This would seem reasonable – Google doesn’t reveal all of its upcoming products – but it appeared like the corporation done exactly that.


Google appeared to discuss its mobile technology plans for the coming year, but there was no mention of the Pixel Fold. As a result, it appears unlikely that the foldable phone will be released anytime soon.

Google for a Year

Both the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 series were shown off at Google IO – these weren’t exactly ‘teases,’ as we’d already seen a lot about them, but they weren’t full launches either.

Both of these products are expected to launch later this year – in October, if history holds true – so this is a good example of Google showcasing future products. The Fold was rumoured to be released alongside the Pixel 7, however the lack of a tease makes this appear doubtful.


This is doubly true because the Google Pixel Tablet was also teased, with only a few details regarding its processor, software, and design revealed. Google has announced that this will be available in 2023, so it’s a long way off; we’ll learn more about it at Google IO next year.

Since Google has teased technology that is a year or more away while remaining mum on the possibility of a Pixel Fold, it appears that this anticipated device is still more than a year away.

Sure, the corporation could be keeping quiet so it can surprise everyone with something, but considering the company’s previous history of previewing everything months in advance, it seems improbable.


Regarding the time being, we’re keeping our hopes low for the Pixel Fold; perhaps a hint will be shown at Google IO 2023.

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