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Do you still have your PS3 and PS Vita? We have horrible news for you


Game transfers are over.

image credits: techtosee

The latest firmware upgrade from Sony makes it impossible to transfer PS3 games to the PS Vita, but it’s not all bad news.

When it was first introduced on May 11, numerous users complained that they couldn’t transfer games from their PS3 to their PS Vita. Console owners initially mistook it for a bug. According to ResetEra(opens in new tab) (via Siliconera(opens in new tab)), Sony published an official notice(opens in new tab) that was generally overlooked, clarifying that the removal was really intended.


Thankfully, this will not prevent you from downloading games directly to your PS3 or PS Vita. Players can also use the Content Manager Assistant(opens in new tab) to transfer downloaded games and save data from a PC.

If you still want to download games on your PS3 or Vita, you’ll need to set up a two-step verification on PlayStation Network (opens in new tab). This has been a necessary for several years, owing to the ageing infrastructure of both consoles. Instead of your standard password, you’ll need to enter a ‘Device Setup Password,’ which you may change under your PSN account security settings.

Support is dwindling

It’s not unexpected that Sony continues to phase down support for its older consoles. It sought to shut down the PS3, Vita, and PSP digital storefronts last year, the clearest evidence yet that it was ready to discard these outdated consoles. It then backtracked on that vow, thanks to a passionate fanbase lobbying for game preservation.


Even yet, Sony’s logic for this choice is difficult to comprehend, and the timing is peculiar. We’re not sure why it decided to eliminate transfer capabilities between the PS3 and Vita now, but maintaining support for PC transfers. It goes without saying that Sony has a secret answer that we don’t know about; we just don’t know what it is.

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