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Did Tim Cook just confirm Apple’s augmented reality glasses and headset?


Does this confirm the existence of the Apple AR headset and glasses?

image credits: appleinsider

The first Apple executive to publicly discuss the company’s augmented reality hardware initiatives was CEO Tim Cook, who appears to have acknowledged that the company is developing some sort of AR device.

Tim Cook was questioned about the factors that AR headsets and other devices need to take into account in order to succeed by China Daily USA(opens in new tab). Cook replied that any successful digital product should prioritise “putting humans at the core of it.”


I couldn’t be more excited about the prospects we’ve seen in this space,” he continued as he described Apple’s current strategy for software in the rapidly developing AR technology market.

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Cook hasn’t explicitly affirmed the existence of Apple’s long-rumored AR/VR headset or its similarly long-rumored AR Glasses, but he has made it clear that the company is working on something.


Apple is reportedly working on two pieces of specialised AR hardware in addition to AR experiences for its iPhone and iPad devices.

The first will be a headset like Meta’s Project Cambria gadget. In comparison to devices like the Quest 2, it would provide a more upscale experience and be built to give both AR and VR.

AR glasses make up the second gadget. These “Apple Glasses” would probably have more features than the current Nreal Air AR glasses; they might even be more akin to Google Glass (though Apple probably hopes they’ll be more popular).


Before we know exactly what tricks Apple has up its sleeve, we’ll have to wait for a more formal statement from the company. There was nothing revealed at WWDC 2022, but with an alleged 2023 release date for its AR/VR headset, Apple, there shouldn’t be too much longer to wait. We might be in for a great treat when Apple eventually reveals what it’s been working on, according on the delighted grin we could see coming across Tim Cook’s face during the interview.

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