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Chrome 102 fixes a serious security problem while also adding a very helpful feature


Google has patched 32 issues in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

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Google is releasing a new version of Chrome that fixes 32 security problems and adds a few new features, which is great news for Chrome users.

If you haven’t already, a stable version of Chrome 102 will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs in the coming weeks. The security updates were all reported by users, and they range in severity from critical to minor.


Severity is critical

“CVE-2022-1853: Use after free in Indexed DB” is the name of the critical bug. Unfortunately, Google does not explain what this means, but MalwareBytes, a cybersecurity organisation, has provided some explanations.

IndexedDB is an interface that keeps a lot of user data for the browser, according to MalwareBytes(opens in new tab). Chrome has a problem that might have provided a malicious actor access to a large amount of sensitive data. MalwareBytes believes that a malicious website might be created to alter IndexedDB and seize control of a user’s browser.

The company then goes on to give some examples of the other shortcomings. High severity defects may have given bad actors the capacity to “run [malicious] code” and acquire access, while Medium severity bugs allowed them to change a limited quantity of data, and Low severity bugs were minor but nonetheless a security risk.


Chrome’s new features

The odd thing about Chrome’s new features is that none of them are listed in the patch notes for May 24. You have to scour Google developer blogs or a random Reddit topic to even be aware of them.

Three new features have been confirmed:

Holding CTRL and Shift on your keyboard and then moving with the Page Up or Page Down keys will now move Chrome tabs.
You can now control a presentation from a separate tab using new presentation controls. The creators set up a sample webpage for anyone to try out.
For previous search entries, a Resume Your Journey button will appear, which will lead you to a history of that particular entry.
There could be more new features in the future. According to a late April blog post on the Chromium project, Chrome 102 will include a control overlay for desktop apps.


It is strongly advised that you download the most recent version of Chrome to ensure that you have the latest security fixes.

To do so, select Help from the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser.

Select About Google Chrome from the drop-down menu, which will lead you to the browser’s Settings, where version 102 is available for download.


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