Burger Chef Menu With Prices


Burger Chef’s menu includes burgers like as the Big Bird, CBR’s revenge, triple bypass, vegan Schnitty, and more. Loaded fries, such as Aussie loaded fries, trademark style loaded fries, and so on, are available. Chips, nuggets, onion rings, wraps, and other side dishes are all options. Desserts include fried churros and Oreo razzle, while drinks include chocolate shakes, grape juice bombs, and others. The majority of these things are around $20.

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Burger Chef was a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States. It opened its first site in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1954, and by 1973, it had spread to 1,050 outlets across the United States, including some in Canada.[1] The chain’s hallmark dishes were the Big Shef and Super Shef hamburgers.

In 1982, the General Foods Corporation, which owned the Burger Chef trademark and name, sold the restaurant chain to the Hardee’s proprietors in stages. In 1996, the last Burger Chef establishment closed its doors.


Crispy sides such as mini or standard chips, nuggets, popcorn chicken, Mexican cheese sticks, sweet potato fries, and onion rings go well with burgers. Fried churros are one of the dessert options. Caramel and cinnamon sugar are powdered on these churros, which are topped with chocolate sauce. Real ice cream is combined with your choice of sundae fudge in M&M razzle. Dessert options include chocolate dunk and caramel dunk.

Burger Chef’s menu has a variety of thick and creamy shakes. Cookie & cream shake, chocolate shake, strawberry shake, and salted caramel shake are just a few of the wonderful shakes available. Apple & black current juice bomb, Schweppes solo zero sugar, mountain dew, and more refreshing drinks are available at Burger Chef.


Big Bird$ 14.95
CBR’s Revenge$ 13.95
Ultimate Troppo$ 19.95
Triple Bypass$ 19.90
Bacon and Egg Roll$ 8.45
Vegan Schinitty$ 13.95
Super Chef$ 14.95
Troppo$ 11.95
Old Fashioned Works$ 14.95
Old Fashioned And Cheese$ 11.95
More Than Half A Pounder$ 14.95
Crispy Deluxe Chicken$ 13.95
Classic Hamburger$ 9.35
Classic Chicken$ 9.35
Classic Cheese Burger$ 9.35
Classic Beef and Bacon$ 9.35
Chefs Veggie Special$ 11.95
Californian Chef$ 11.95
Bacon Deluxe$ 14.95

Loaded Fries

Aussie Loaded Fries$ 10.95
Cheese and Bacon Loaded Fries$ 9.95
Signature Style Loaded Fries$ 12.95
Honey Mustard Chicken Loaded Fries$ 12.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries$ 12.95


Small Chips$ 3.25
Regular Chips$ 4.50
Large Chips$ 5.25
XL Chips$ 7.75
3 Pk Nuggets$ 4.25
6 Pk Nuggets$ 7.95
10 Pk Nuggets$ 8.95
Small Popcorn Chicken$ 5.95
Large Popcorn Chicken$ 9.95
Mexican Cheese Sticks 5 Pk$ 6.95
Sweet Potato Fries$ 6.95
10 Onion Rings$ 6.95


Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap$ 11.95
OG Wrap$ 10.95


3 PK Fried Churros$ 4.95
6 PK Fried Churros$ 7.95
12 PK Fried Churros$ 14.95
M&M Razzle$ 3.95
Oreo Razzle$ 3.95
Strawberry Dunk$ 2.00
Chocolate Dunk$ 2.00
Caramel Dunk$ 2.00

Thick Shakes

Cookie and Cream Shake$ 7.95
Chocolate Shake$ 7.95
Strawberry Shake$ 7.95
Salted Caramel Shake$ 7.95
Vanilla Malt Shake$ 7.95


1.25L 7UP$ 4.95
1.25L Solo$ 4.95
Grape Juice Bomb$ 3.00
Apple and Blackcurrent Juice Bomb$ 3.00
Apple and Raspberry Juice Bomb$ 3.00
600ml Schweppes Solo Zero Sugar$ 4.60
600ml Schweppes Lemonade Zero Sugar$ 4.60
600ml Sunkist Zero Sugar$ 4.60
375ml Orange and Mango Mineral Water$ 3.00
1.25L Mountain Dew$ 4.95
1.25L Sunkist$ 4.95
1.25L Pepsi Max$ 4.95
375ml Pepsi$ 3.00
1.25L Pepsi$ 4.95
600ml Schweppes Lemonade$ 4.60
600ml Passiona$ 4.60
600ml Mountain Dew$ 4.60
600ml Sunkist$ 4.60
600ml Solo$ 4.60
600ml Pepsi Max$ 4.60
600ml Pepsi$ 4.60
375ml Schweppes Lemonade$ 3.00
375ml Passiona$ 3.00
375ml Mountain Dew$ 3.00
375ml Sunkit$ 3.00
375ml Solo$ 3.00
375ml Pepsi Max$ 3.00
375ml Lemon and Lime$ 3.00


Ketchup$ 1.00
BBQ$ 1.00
Mayo$ 1.00
Ranch$ 2.00
Honey Mustard Sauce$ 2.00
Burger Chef Signature Sauce$ 2.00
Cheese Sauce$ 2.00
Holldandaise$ 2.00
Lime Aoili$ 2.00


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